The Many Wonderful Uses of Tea Tree Oil

There are few items in nature that offer as many health and home benefits as the wonderful tea tree oil. This oil, which is extracted from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca tree, is an oil of strong scent that has been used for medicinal and home purposes since the 1700s. The Australian Aborigines were the first to use the oil to control a variety of ailments. It has recently gained popularity among many who prefer natural remedies to synthetically manufactured ones. Ranging in color from pale yellow to clear, the oil should always be stored in dark bottles to protect the oil’s potency. Stored in this manner, the oil should last for quite some time. It should also never be taken internally due to its toxicity.

Tea tree oil is considered a wonder product by many essential oil enthusiasts and it is continually being studied by scientists as the answer to a range of complaints. The oil can successfully be used to treat many skin conditions from acne to sunburn to even removing annoying skin tags. Other common uses of the oil are as an antiseptic, anti-fungal and an antiviral product. The oil is even beneficial in treating the horrible morning breath. For the consumer, you can find Tea Tree Oil on Amazon and have it delivered to your door in just a few days.

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The benefits of tea tree oil reach much farther than the medicine cabinet. They reach into the kitchen as cleaners and disinfectants and the laundry room as a rinse for your clothes – you can make dryer sheets with the oil as well. The use of the essential oil in the bathroom shows up in the form of soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and cosmetics. You can create your own home spa with a variety of massage oils, lotions and relaxing potpourri and air mists. The list of products in which the tea tree essential oil is used in seems endless.

When you are ready to delve into the marvelous world of this incredible essential oil, the Apothecary’s Amazon Page ( will give you a plethora of information complete with reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. The online Apothecary has answered consumer questions and provided a detailed explanation and description. After a little research, you will want to try the oil yourself and discover all the wonderful uses it has in store for you. You will be pleased with the results and especially happy to be using a product that is 100% natural.


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